New Liturgical Chant | Moscow Patriarch Choir

New Liturgical Chant of the Russian Orthodox Church | Neue Liturgische Gesänge der Russisch-Orthodoxen Kirche

The Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow is the principal church of the Russian Orthodox Church. After being detonated in 1931 under Soviet rule, it was rebuilt at great effort and expense during the 1990s. Patriarch Kirill I was enthroned there in 2009 and has continued to celebrate the Liturgies of Major Feast days in the Cathedral ever since. The ‘Patriarch Choir of Christ the Saviour Cathedral’ under the direction of Dr. Ilya Tolkachev consists of professional singers and represents the face of Russian Orthodox music today. The CD album 2014 of the Patriarchal Choir presents ‘New Liturgical chants’ composed by contemporary church composers of the Russian Church. These draw upon the long tradition of liturgical choral works of the Russian Church, leading us into the world of classical Russian sacred chants with powerful chords and dark basses. However, the tradition is scrupulously expanded through new sounds and chord formations, adding new touches of colours.

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Известное немецкое издательство Christophorus Records выпустило первый лицензионный диск Патриаршего хора Кафедрального соборного Храма Христа Спасителя под управлением Ильи Толкачёва с записью новых богослужебных песнопений Русской Православной Церкви. Пред-ставляемые концертные хоровые произведения продолжают и развивают древние традиции хоровой музыки Русской Православной Церкви. Запись произведена в Московском Кафедральном соборе. Звукорежиссер Александр Калашников. Фото: Старший звонарь Московского Кремля и Храма Христа Спасителя Игорь Коновалов.

℗ & © 2014 Published by Note 1 Music Germany & Naxos Global. Manufactured and distributed by Christophorus Records in Germany. Celebrated by Archpriest Mikhail Ryazantsev and Protodeacon Nicolas Rehbinder. Recorded at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow, Russia.         Recording producer Alexander Kalashnikov. Photo by Igor Konovalov.

Catalogue No: CHR77384

EAN / Barcode: 4010072773845                                                                                                                                                                                 Audio CD: Christophorus Records Germany                                                                                                                                                                       May 2, 2014


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